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5 June 1996 @7:42PM

Yesterday was June 4. Anniversary of Tienanmen Square. Also Lionel’s birthday. I saw a very good documentary/movie on Channel 11…very long, but it was all about the student protests and all. I appreciated that they explored all sides of the story … and some of the messages that people had to say. There was this one kinda crazy girl who was a big wig in the protest, it was impressive to see her talking about how she knew there would have to be bloodshed for anything to happen, and how she found it hard to tell students to come and gather when she knew that it was neccessary for them to be attacked. The messages that progress cannot come very well in too large steps … the analogy of the ripe melon, that if eaten in one gulp by the hungry person will cause an upset stomach, but can a hungry person wait to bite at the melon? Which is the right way?

While it put things in perspective, there was still the strong emotional appeal of the whole theme present. China, last great bastion of totalitarian Communist government, a “People’s State” not run by the people, but whose people are eager to stand up for themselves, although they are not suitably educated as to how. I guess the thing that impresses me the most about China is that it has great potential, and has over one fifth of the world’s population. Nearly a billion and a half people who are kind of in darkness.

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