24 June 1996 @10:14AM

Yesterday we went to visit Grandpa. He’ll be a few more days in the hospital after his lung collapsed earlier last week. I brought him his mail on Friday When I got in to Evanston, on Ridge, I noticed these goddamned “no bike” signs. No biking?!? What a rip-off. I went along anyway. If anyone confronted me they might think twice when I said I was visiting my grandfather in the hospital.

Well, Grandpa seems to be doing okay. All things considered. After visiting Grandpa we dropped off Jessy at Howard El so she could go visit Christian. Saw a man flip out of his wheelchair. To make matters worse, he wasn’t wearing pants. I went over to offer him help. He was laying pitifully on his side and told me to call an ambulance. Mom covered him with a blanket from his chair while I dialed 911 on a payphone. I was transferred to Fire Department who said that unless it was a life and death matter, they’d be sending a squad car.

He appeared homeless, stank to high heaven, and as far as I can tell, “Call me an ambulance,” may have been his only real intelligible words. After leaving him with another guy who would watch him while the squad car came, mom and I talked about it. He could at least use a shower, we figured. Maybe the cops can drop him off at a homeless shelter or some other service if he’s otherwise okay.

The lady at 911 seemed a little irritated that I was calling her for some drunkard falling out of his wheelchair. “If it’s not a life and death Emergency, we’ll send a squad car.” I understand that it’s necessary to conserve resources, but it just came off sounding callous.

Well, anyway, shit happens. The guy is hopefully taken care of some. That’s about all I’ve got to say for now. More later, I hope.

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