“Father Finger” Banjo Tab v2

  G B D D G B D D    E G D   E G D      G B D   G B D      A   A   B   G

I have been thinking about whether and where there are “drone notes” to work a roll around. I started with cleaning up the timing. (My knowledge of this song consists mainly of YouTube videos from India.) The bars go:

father finger x2
where are you? x2
here i am! x2
how do you do? x1

Each note here corresponds to a syllable, with quarter-note spacing on the last phrase. At least at the speed I play at this time, there is no roll to be added.

I did make two changes:
1) The fourth and eighth Ds in the first phrase moved from fifth string to fourth. Now the middle finger needs to be ready on that third fret a bit earlier, but we get out of plucking the fifth string twice in a row.
2) To avoid double-plucking in the third phrase, I went from G D D to G B D. They sound equally good to me, and to get G D D you can just keep your finger on the third fret.

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