“Father Finger” Banjo Tab

Tommy can not get enough of this song, so I picked this out on the banjo. My first attempt at building my own tab:

 G B D D G B D D    E G D   E G D     G D D   G D D     A A B G  A A B G

As a total total total newbie, the wife helped me pick the notes out on the piano. I then shifted them left 3: C –> G, E –> B, because that is what was sounding right on the banjo. And I had picked out my own notes chart using the “Fine Chromatic Tuner” app:

0  1  2  3  4  5  6   (fingers on frets..)
D  D# E  F  F# G
B  C  C# D  D#
G  G# A  A# B  C  C#
D  D# E  F  F# G  G#
G  -----------------

The revelation was when I “discovered” (I’m sure I have been told but it hadn’t been relevant at the time) that the fifth “G” string matches first string, fifth fret. Before that I was picking 2, then 5 on the D string.

With any luck I can pick around on this and mush it into some roll somehow. It would be nice if the second bit mapped to a chord . . .

Good times!

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