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Is CloudFlare Saving Me Money?

I was poking around my CloudFlare Control Panel, and pulled up stats for the past month, from Oct 11 to Nov 11. It says it had blocked a bunch of attacks on my site, and consequently saved me over 5GB in bandwidth.

5.1GB saved!?

I said to myself, "I pay for bandwidth! Maybe this free service is saving me money?!"

“Really,” I said, “I pay for bandwidth, so if CloudFlare is saving me bandwidth, it is saving me money!”

But 5GB seemed kind of high. So, I checked my invoices from RackSpace. Here is the outbound bandwidth I have been charged for this year:

Invoice Date   Bandwidth Out
11/11          4.660 GB
10/11          4.972 GB
09/11          7.534 GB
08/11          5.467 GB
07/11          6.402 GB
06/11          5.978 GB
05/11          4.694 GB
04/11          6.294 GB
03/11          6.254 GB
02/11          9.652 GB
01/11          7.117 GB

RackSpace charges me on the 11th of the month, and, conveniently enough, I started using CloudFlare around October 11th. The highlighted line above is my first month on CloudFlare. It is my lowest number of the year, and it is conceivable that I could have totaled 9.5 GB in October since I pushed more than that in February. I’m skeptical that they are saving me as much as they claim to be, but for a free service to speed up my web site and save me even a little money . . . that is a good deal in my book!

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