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Tire Failure

You don't see a bike tire do that very often.

For some time I had noticed and been avoiding the weird bulge in my rear bicycle tire. Finally it gave way on my commute. The threads inside the tire appear to have been separating, and I guess I hit something sharp at a weak spot.

I put on my spare tube and made it home. I have since replaced this tire with a knobby road tire, paired with a puncture-resistant inner tube and a puncture-resistant liner. If I never have to change a bicycle tire again it will be too soon!

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  • Grego, Biker Jerk

    1. If you’d dealt with it as an emergent issue instead of an emergency issue, you could have done the work in the comfort of your shop instead of crouched by the roadside.

    2. Your road tire should be completely smooth, rather than knobby, so that you have the most traction.  Knobby tires on asphalt roads reduce speed, increase effort and sound annoying.  Using the knobs as imitation tread protection only works for objects which penetrate the knob rather than the casing.  Puncture-resistant tire casings are a better solution.

    3. Puncture-resistant tubes make your bike ride like a truck.  Adding Mr. Tuffys makes it even more so.  Use a puncture-resistant tire, where they can build in puncture resistance while maintaining flexibility, instead of putting the resistance into the tube and added liner, which then do not flex as they should.

    4. Changing your tire should be relatively straightforward.  Clearly you had the necessary tools to take off the wheel, take off the tire, replace the tube and reinflate — kudos to you for being prepared!  After succeeding, though, why are you so discouraged?

  • Grego,


    1) Fair enough, though I don’t have a “shop”

    2) My commute is 80%+ gravel, and that is where I have gotten all my flat tires.

    3) Thanks for the advice.  I am satisfied with the current ride.

    4) I’m glad I have the skill and equipment to change a tire when I need to, but there are plenty of things I would prefer to be doing, like riding home, or debating Bike Snobs online.  ;)