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Step in to my “office” . . .

In the past few weeks I have been pimping out my cubicle.

The newest feature is I moved the bookshelf from shoulder height at the back of the cube to waist height on the outside of the cube, which I can do, since I sit at the end of a row. The new low shelf space is where I share coffee and where snacks can be distributed. This also increases my “visibility” and opens up opportunities to chat with coworkers. Sort of the opposite of when I worked remote last year.

In the middle of the shelf is Rick Moranis from the Ghostbusters, a little homage to one of my favorite movie dialogues. Above, is my small collection of Hello Kitty plush dolls, each a “rescue” found at thrift stores or even on the streets of the Sunset district in San Francisco. To the left are photos of my Cisco-IronPort lego logo integration effort and a cool visualization of my LinkedIn network.

Center, you can see the back of my work laptop, a Lenovo W510 with an SSD drive. (I love SSD drives.) Some low-light flowers, a tall desk chair I nicked from an abandoned cubicle, and to the right, my Lego Cisco logo, which I had disassembled for repairs and which I think I’ll keep in San Jose for now.

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