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My commute was nice this morning, until . . .

Near the end of the bicycle version of my commute I ride along a creek. I could tell from Stephen’s Creek that the water was high, so when I rode the ramp down to this underpass I wasn’t surprised. I took my bicycle around this water, through especially sticky mud that threatened to suck off my shoes, and which globbed on to my bicycle, smeared on my pants.

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  • Danny gets dirty!

    Get fenders, if you don’t have them, pick up some speed before you reach the puddle, lift your legs up, coast through it and yell “whee” (is that the right spelling, but you get the drift) :) That’s what I did when riding to downtown Chicago via Columbus Park, part of it is prone to have a puddle, especially after some rain.

  • The best part of that approach is when you hit some rock you can’t see and face-plant into the water. Fenders on the wish list, though. -d