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G2 vs G1

In a nutshell . . .

The G2 is fast as heck.  It has all the cool new Android apps, and T-Mobile let’s you do tethering out of the box.  We moved our apartment last month and setting up a wireless access point on my phone was braindead easy and plenty fast while we waited for the DSL installation.  Everything works faster, and the battery life is better to boot.

The keyboards has a generally nice feel to it.  But . . .

The biggest drawback is the lack of a number row on the keyboard.  Really irritating to have to press ALT to type numbers.  Entering “special” characters is a bitch-and-a-half.  For example, to type a < you have to type ALT-ALT-long-press-j.  WTF?  Also, I miss the scroll wheel.  There is a button on the phone that sometimes-but-not-always works as a directional pad to surf through a text field but I have learned to stab my thumb at the screen until I manage to land the cursor where I want it.  (What I really miss is the Sidekick 2 direction pad.)

It is a very very nice phone with a short list of dumb shortcomings.

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