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I have that uneasy feeling that I am forgetting something.  I guess it may have something to do with the fact that after having resigned herself to my loyalty to my beat up old round-the-world college backpack, Mei had me empty it so she could take it in for repairs as a birthday present.  Subtract that missing element from the new apartment I’m still unpacking in to after the holidays . . .

Or its that yesterday I spent some time at the hospital visiting a friend from older days, hanging out with his folks and keeping them company while their son, my age, drifted in and out of sleeping off the stroke he had on Friday.  I remember the time spent in Colorado when it was Dad’s turn to shake off his own stroke.

And then there’s the Congressman shot clear through her left lobe.  I listen attentively when they explain that, as with my friend and with my father, the left is where language is.  One question is whether there is motor control in the right hand, since the hand is controlled next door from language.

I worry about my friend, but I know he will be okay, one way or another.  One way he won’t be able to work, and may even need some personal assistance.  Another way is that between his youth, spirit, and clean living, he will rehabilitate so well that years from now he will have difficulty convincing people who hadn’t seen it that he had once had a stroke.

Only time will tell.  For now his folks are taking turns sleeping in the reclining chair next to his bed in the critical care.  The son is there to rest and cooperate with the Doctors.  The parents are there because there really is nowhere else in the world they can be right now.  They attend to the details of managing their son’s life and care while he is down.  I worry more about them, because I have some idea of where they are, and their needs can be better understood without a medical degree.

That may be it.  I feel like I am missing something because instead of the hospital I am headed to the office.  I would rather wait around at the hospital.  Fortunately my friend and his family are inundated by visitors, and dropping by for a while in the evening after work, I won’t be in the way.

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