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Are Girl Scout Cookies a Scam?

I will always remember that us Boy Scouts gathered at the local council to go to Scout Camp and it was a really ugly building in a bad neighborhood. One day we drove past the Girl Scout council headquarters in a large, shiny, landscaped office in the suburbs. The contrast in my mind is that our troop got the money to fund camping expeditions, and my sister’s troop got the funding equivalent of an ugly building in a bad neighborhood.

I just filed the following question with the Girl Scouts of Northern California:


Why does over 50% of the proceeds from girl scout cookie sales go to “Council Services”?


I would like to think that if I pay $4 for a box of cookies that the girl’s troop is seeing at least 50% of that, as might be expected from other fund raising opportunities. It honestly sounds like a scam to me, and that is part of the reason I stopped buying Girl Scout cookies.

Thanks for explaining.


They did not write back. I guess you have to pay a bit more for “Council Services” before every last crackpot can expect a response.

I ate a lot of Girl Scout cookies when I was growing up, and I think they’re tasty, but they are not a good value for the money. Next time I’ll ask if maybe they can take a direct cash donation to the troop.

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  • Spammye

    Yes, you can give a direct cash donation to the troop. Until the councils decide that they don’t make any money off it, then they will make it a rule not to take direct donations.  I lead a troop. My troop doesn’t work as slave labor for the council selling cookies anymore, though. (How is that teaching leadership?) They sold when they were younger because of the cool prizes (incentives). They got older and realized each was working 40 hours for a T-shirt and $50 for the troop (that is $400 worth of cookies, BTW). Thank goodness they had good math teachers….we don’t sell cookies anymore.