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Chicago-Milwaukee High-Speed Rail!

When I rode Talgo, there was a delay.

On Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle announced that 2 or 4 Talgo trainsets would be purchased for Amtrak’s Hiawatha service between Chicago and Milwaukee. Apparently, these will be Talgo XXI trainsets which have run at a top speed of 159 MPH, yielding a speed record claim for diesel train travel.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the trip to Milwaukee will come in at under one hour. Even better, the Hiawatha serves Milwaukee’s airport, Mitchell Field. If Chicago residents can get to Milwaukee’s airport in less than an hour, there would no need to build the fabled “third airport.”

High Speed Rail? Yes, we can!

I rode an older Talgo in Spain, which was delayed due to a fire on the tracks ahead of us. They passed out soft drinks as we sat, and the Spaniards began playing music.

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  • William

    Hey Hi Man….. The third airport @ Peotone was a done deal 30 years ago…. and now gets to be funded by your guy O’bama. Yes you will be paying for it over the next 50 years. Daley(s) and cronies made their $$ on the land selling it to IDOT and guess what? Wm Daley is also on the Board of Directors of Ba – so as usual in Chicago politics…the Fox is guarding the henhouse.
    CHANGE? you sure can’t believe in@ !!!!

  • Victor

    What happens, that Spain is that it is a very democratic country, I would say that more democratic than United States. Because we have trains of all the categories, of all the prices, in the same way that we manufacture very small cars but of great power, until cars of high range, etc etc etc. Here we make of everything and for all, while in United States that everything is made for people with a lot of money

    Your humor is very acid, but this doesn’t remove that the trains in United States are a authentic garbage in comparison with the trains in Spain. It is lamentable and sultry the enormous expense in aircraft-carriers, for example, and not in services for the citizens. And nor to talking of the sanity…

    Hasta otra, colega