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Technology Companies: 2008 Profit-per-Employee

I enjoyed Pingdom’s recent posts about the size of technology companies, as well as the money they are making, and I asked myself how that equates to the average profit made per employee.

So, I borrowed Pingdom’s numbers, which Pingdom borrowed from Google Finance, and then I quickly larned myself on the Perl GD::Graph module and I generated my own graph:


Or, if you prefer:

Company PPE
Sun $11,920.37
HP $25,950.16
Yahoo $30,882.35
IBM $30,969.62
Amazon $31,553.40
Dell $32,418.30
Oracle $63,699.41
Intel $64,121.21
eBay $109,876.54
Adobe $118,609.41
Cisco $121,731.77
Apple $150,937.50
Baidu $164,139.44
Microsoft $194,285.71
Google $209,779.81

What is Baidu? Think of it as Chinese Google and you’ll know as much as I do. I’d reckon that profit-per-employee would be very roughly predictive of job security. My feeling about Google is that they are perpetually understaffed due to their traumatic recruiting process.

If you want to play, feel free to grab my ugly hack of a Perl script, the input data file, or unsorted output.

Update: Pingdom took my suggestion to heart and published their own summary.

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