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Based on ChinesePod: Hold the Elevator.

Suit: 等一下!
deng3 yi1xia4
Wait up!

Suit: 谢谢。

Courier: 不客气,到几楼?
bu4ke4qi, dao4 ji3 lou2?
No problem, which floor?

Suit: 十楼。 谢谢你!
shi2 lou2. xie4xie ni3!
Tenth floor. Thank you!

不客气 I like, as I learned it from speaking with Chinese people and because it literally means “not polite” or “don’t be so polite” which reminds me of de nada or de rien.

This time I dropped (forgot) the pinyin and just left it out. Though I think it is better to include the pinyin: one thing I do is print out the cartoons and tack them to my cubicle wall at work. I was also happy to recycle the delivery man from “你的东西”.

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