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Based on ChinesePod Lesson: Sign Here, Please.

Courier: 谁是王明?
(Who is Wang Ming?)

Ming: 阿,我是。
(Ah, I am.)

Courier: 你的东西, 清签名!
(Your parcel. Please sign!)

Ming: 好,谢谢!
(Good! Thanks!)

I like that 你的东西 literally means “your thing”

There is a vastly different courier in the top and bottom panels. The first one is more comical and bizarre, the bottom one more . . . human? I prefer the bottom figure, but decided against trying to correct the situation. Aesthetically, it is also weird that in the second panel Ming is more in the background. I think that’s okay but in terms of visual narrative, yaknow . . . ?

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Categories: doodles, 中文

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