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No, not Chinese. But at least I’m playing with an ethnic stereotype. So, sorta International?

I only know Russians who have emigrated to America. There seem to be two types: the incurably depressed and those with a healthy sense of humor. Russians with a sense of humor know that it is all too easy to be a funny Russian, so they try to keep it dry, but they often can not help but smile. That said, nobody I have met has gone full Yakov Smirnov. To be sure, I once asked my colleague if they had Polar Bears in Russia. He said yes, they walk on the street, and they shoot them. He was trying to make me cry! So, this comic strip is dedicated to Vlad.

In other news, I swear I smell pot. I don’t know if there’s actually a smell that has infiltrated my house or because I’m listening to Reggea music, and my mind just fills in the gaps. Go go brain!

Apologies to anyone whose browser window is fewer than 967 pixels across.

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