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2008 Election: California Ballot Propositions

Prop 1: High Speed Rail Bonds

YES I love trains, and high speed rail between city centers is in every way superior to short airplane flights. Trains can be powered by renewable energy and California may serve as a role model for the rest of the nation in the post-petroleum age.

Prop 2: Standards for Confining Farm Animals

YES We should treat animals humanely. If this means increased food costs that is just what we pay for the privilege of eating other animals. Opponents claim that production will move out of state. This may be true in the short term. In the long term, I believe that food with the “California” brand will be regarded as food of superior quality. Further, industrial scale farming has a serious negative impact on the environment. If proposition 2 makes family-scale farming more competitive, we are all done a favor.

Prop 3: Children’s Hospital Bond Act

NO We have plenty of bond money already available for children’s hospitals. I see no need to solicit additional debt for the state government especially in a tight credit market.

Prop 4: Waiting Period and Parental Notification before Termination of Minors’ Pregnancy

NO Teen pregnancy and abortion troubles me. I believe that in most cases parents should be involved. Abortion providers ought to counsel that women make this important decision with the help of those who love them. I do not believe this is a place for the government to mandate personal behavior and choices.

Prop 5: Nonviolent Drug Offenses Sentencing, Parole, and Rehabilitation

NO I favor rehabilitation as a means to reduce the excessive imprisonment of our people. I feel that sentencing authority should rest with judges, and I am uncomfortable that this proposition “limits accountability to incarcerate offenders who commit certain drug crimes, break drug treatment rules or violate parole.”

Prop 6: Police and Law Enforcement Funding

NO The state budget is in a big mess without me setting budget priorities: this is a decision that should be made by the legislature.

Prop 7: Renewable Energy Generation

NO I support renewable energy mandates but this proposition is confusing.

Prop 8: Eliminate Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry

HELL NO The state should not be in the business of eliminating rights.

Prop 9: Criminal Justice System Victims’ Right. Parole.

NO I do not see the need for this.

Prop 10: Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy

NO I like alternative fuel vehicles and renewable energy, but I do not favor putting the state further in hock to subsidize certain vehicles.

Prop 11: Redistricting

YES I am sick of gerrymandering.

Prop 12: Veterans’ Bond Act of 2008

YES This is a bond to expand a self-supporting benefit for veterans, placed on the ballot by a unanimous vote of the legislature.

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