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“Focus Follows Mouse!!”

Walking down the hall at work, I hear an engineer lament.

“Click to focus? Arr!!”

And of course, I shout:

“Focus follows mouse!!”

I hear, beyond cubicle walls, a chorus of agreement.

Back at my desk, which I have recently switched from XP to Ubuntu, I note that I’m clicking to focus. Fortunately, I spent the morning tweaking mutt, which I started using again, after many years, because it deletes e-mail faster than Thunderbird does.

I like this place.

I hear muffled discussions of multiple desktops. I think I’ll figure out how to FocusFollowsMouse in this Gnome stuff real quick before I return my attention to work-work.

ObSolution: In Ubuntu / Gnome, go to System > Preferences > Windows and enable “Select windows when the mouse moves over them”

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Categories: Sundry, Technical, Testimonials

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