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Some months back, I was visited by a well-meaning relative, who cheerfully informed me that “Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to abolish the IRS!” I gritted my teeth, and declined to take the bait. Arguing with Libertarians is kind of like bragging about that awesome dump you took: it is just way too easy and you really aren’t going to impress anybody. That, and it is impolite to shit all over family.

I got some positive feedback, though, for my brief contribution to a “Ron Paul” thread:

Libertarians are no different from anyone else who figures the government ought to address only their needs, and neglect all others. The generic term for this is “asshole.”

Just like Religious people who want their point-of-view enforced to the exclusion of others. “Gays can’t marry! That violates my beliefs!” Or, for that matter, uhhh, Liberals, who are somehow oppressing people in ways I can not presently fathom.

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  • Howdy. I vote libertarian. While I don’t agree with going all the way libertarian (in American laws at least), and some of my views (say, on health care) are downright socialist, I honestly think government at all levels in this country could use less laws. And more parties in the mix, whatever they may be. I will be the first to admit that many, many libertarians are boorish assholes who can’t wait to cynically bash your love of government, I can think of horrid stereotypes of all parties that I wouldn’t want to hang out with.

    Generally I don’t see how letting states decide things for themselves, thus allowing you to move to a heavily legalized liberal state and me to move to a lawless libertarian one would be selfish. Also, I think most hard line libertarians would say the government should be addressing no one’s needs, other than say, a standing army for defense. I just think a libertarian thing would solve so many problems. Crazies over here want to kill all homos, other people over here want them to get married, libertarian solution: no legal marriage whether you are gay or straight. See!? Fixed! Marriage being a state concern is sort of antiquated/sexist anyway.

    Oh and I am not pro-Ron Paul. If forced to vote for one of the current Rep/Dem candidates I would go Kucinich. Basically I need a party that will legalize drugs and guns, is pro-gay and abortion, and has socialized health care and basic education (because an uniformed democracy is not a democracy).

  • oh and flat taxes. i am all about those.

  • I think a lot of those who consider themselves libertarian are not meaning to be “assholes”. Rather, they just are of the belief that they’ve dreamed up the perfect small-government utopia and fail to be aware that some people would be unhappy with the result.

    I, for example, hold some libertarian-ish views, but I think I’d be quite unhappy with the government (or lack thereof) dreamed of by some of the hardcore libertarians that would like to completely abolish military defense or public roads or several other things which would likely be a big mess if privatized. The “hire a private police force if you don’t want to have your house broken into” idea is pretty idiotic too.

    It is for this reason that I might concede the necessity for socialized health care. Health insurance went from being once a fairly widely-obtainable free market thing — in which case it made sense for the government to only provide it to the old or disabled (Medicare, etc.) to something where a lot of ordinary working, otherwise self-supporting people now cannot obtain it (unless they fall under a corporate group plan.)

    (I have strong reservations about socialized health care however. I suspect our government will probably cock it up in the worst way possible.)

  • Mr. Galt

    Don’t let my moniker fool you – I’m not one of “those” libertarians. I was a member of the Libertarian party for a number of years, and quit in disgust. Having had than and other experiences, I would say you pretty well nailed their persona.

    The problem I see with most libertarians, is they like to nit-pick relatively innocuous bits of language as if it was some kind of mathematical formula (which of course, it is not). I would say that your typical diehard libertarian is a man or woman who would allow themselves to drown, rather than reach for a rope they thought belonged to someone else without having a written notarized contract in-place first. OK, maybe I need to work on my metaphors a bit, but I think most will get the general idea.

    One runs into these “assholes” on message boards with alarming frequency. Make a comment like “why did so-and-so buy that? That seems silly.” And the asshole libertarian will retort “THEY CAN BUY WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH THEIR MONEY – FASCIST!” They are dithering, tiresome, and wholly ineffective.