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“No End In Sight”

I read about this movie in “The Week” and then saw an ad for the trailer on my very own website. I am totally looking forward to this movie:

Last year I read Imperial Life in the Emerald City after seeing Rajiv Chandrasekaran on “The Daily Show” . . . someone saw me reading it on the train and inquired. “It reads like a Vonnegut novel,” I replied.

What I read in “The Week” is that this film is less Michael Moore-style polemic and more along the lines of people involved telling their stories as to how we managed to screw things up, over and over, in the worst ways possible. This is exactly how Chandrasekaran’s novel goes, but with a sort of wry feel, which yes, reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut.

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  • This looks good. Thanks for posting about it.

  • I love The Week. I am a total Week evangelist. I leave my copy in a public place when I finish reading it so other people can find it. I get many (~30) subscriptions for free, but the Week is one of the few I pay for.

    When I moved here, through Google maps I inadvertently found out their office is about 5 blocks from mine. It made me so dorkily excited.