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A crap page today …

Hello, it’s me again. This Matthew Malooly feller has some interesting web site. He’s a lab-sitter like me, I think. Someday I’ll do like the old site had and have a list of web pages I like. Good, well-written and informative web sites you know, about people that introduce them to their mind, assuming they have one. If they’re dull they mightn’t bother with a web site in the first place. And if you find me dull, well feel free to go elsewhere, I’m not forcing you to read.

Which is one great thing about the web. You read what you want, you see and listen to what you want, and what is nasty you just avoid.

Actually, the dude has a link to my page. I remember now. It’s like we see eye to eye on this web page stuff.

Well, on through other URLs I have sitting in my mail to go through …
Okay, so it’s been a good haul, and I now have a new page up to deal with the fact. Yay!

So after class today I scanned pictures. Gotta start gettin’ goin’ again you know? Lotsa good ones on the way, but you won’t see ’til I’m done settin’ everythang up. That might be awhile. Sorry. Like fine wine … nothing before it’s time you know?

I wish I could think of a few interesting things to say here? Well, let’s see, I did think yesterday to maybe start and this time stick to carrying a little “idea” book around with me … what have we got?

A procmail “mail filter” CGI “control center” — ‘nuf said! Huh? Well, it’ll be a relatively complex CGI ultimately for EnterAct to implement for it’s users. The idea seemed particularly keen last night after I’d read that Tom was gonna audit IMAP so it was secure enough to run on EnterAct’s systems. Means two things to me – one is that there should be coming about a secure implementation of IMAP (for BSD) and two that people might find the most basic features of procmail to be useful: primarily of simple sorting for multiple INBOXes accessible via IMAP and perhaps SPAM filtering. I’m still working out details in my mind while idly wondering what likelihood of and where I’m gonna find the free time to engage in such a project. Yikes!

Story idea — Alright, point-of-view of a tree as it’s being chopped down … you know, what it feels about humans, what it knows about them. The history of how the humans keep going in number, the lumberjack’s perspective. The trick though is that I know nearly nothing of forestry or what it may be like to be a lumberjack.

Rhet 143 — Gotta write this gay “Narrative of Place” … so why not go to the moon eh? Cold, timeless, sterile, no air, dark and desolate. Avec ma solitude … well, dunno, we’ll see but Seshagiri wants a draft for Wednesday. Grrr!

Well, another crap journal entry muddled through. Go back and enjoy Matt’s site, and that of Brian Lee the rat boy! I go do something else now. I’m tired.

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