Forget Saddam . . .

Forget Saddam. Imagine for one moment
all the work-roughened hands
that have picked your food and sewn your clothes
and kept you alive since day one.
When we die, will there be a reckoning
of what and whom we’ve used
to pay for our lives, and how,
and will lack of imagination be allowed as an excuse?

Excerpt from Saddam Hussein is Writing Poetry in Solitary Confinement
Alison Luterman
Via “The Sun”
December 2006

Happy Holidays.

When I read the above, I was thinking “well, there is a lot that I have to give, as well.”

In that idea, the word “have” can be read as possession and as imperative.

Also “read” can function in the past-tense and the present tense.

The ambiguities of English, like the ambiguities of life, have their own beauty.

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