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Halloween Party!

Busty Danny Chugs a GuinnessWell, I haven’t gotten around to throwing a housewarming party yet. The only other time I threw a party by myself was when I had some folks over for sushi back in Mountain View, 2000. It’s always been roommates or the wife to help me out. Anyway, when a lady on the Yelp talk boards expressed an interest in throwing a Halloween party, but her apartment was too small, I offered to co-host at my place. Well, she got the ball rolling, but had to bail. We had a great time anyway.

My costume was “thrift store drag queen” . . . kinda improvised but I did a pretty good job of putting together my feminine side. I felt a brief “oh my god what if the party is a dud” panic the week before, but as the day approached, well, things started to come together and the party itself was a great success! Probably around 40 people showed up. Nadia came out-of-costume and was coaxed into a “sexy nurse” ensemble that Lorah didn’t wear. Smashing! Ed took the cake, in my opinion, by dressing as boba tea.

Don brought grog, Karen brought pumpkin pie, Jenny brought a crew of Castro revellers from her own party. Everyone brought a bunch of fun, and then everyone cleared out at 1AM, many headed off to the Supper Club, and others carpooling home to get to work on Wednesday.

Cleanup was a breeze. I caught two beer spills, and all vomiting was confined to the toilet. I found a woman passed out on my bed and tucked her in comfortably on the couch.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Thanks, everyone!

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