Tazo and Caffeine

So, a little while back, I got into dropping by the Barnes and Noble cafe and sipping on a Tazo tea whilst browsing / reading. Why tea? Well, coffee is best in the mornings, and a fruit drink, that’s nice for the afternoon or evening. Tazo’s the only stuff they have that’s made with sugar instead of corn syrup, so I figure, that’s righteous.

But I could not for the life of me divine the caffeine content from the labelling.

So, I asked the intarweb . . . . nada.

So, I e-mailed Tazo, and they wrote back:

We have 14 bottled tea flavors and four of them are caffeine-free:

Lemon Ginger
Simply Red
Wild Orange

These four will also have a caffeine-free stamp on the front of the label.

So, if you were asking the Internet, there’s your answer.

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