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A Day Without . . .

My my what is in my Netflix queue today?

A Day Without a Mexican

How topical! Honestly, I did not set this up: that’s just how the queue shook out!

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  • berto

    hahahah. The DVD would have come today, but some driver or warehouse worker was busy marching. The march in Chicago was impressive. 300K people or more, and that’s the low estimate that’s been given out. I got to watch the march for 20 minutes as marchers streamed down Jackson, past the Board of Trade, towards the rally point along the lake. Although the marchers were predominatly Mexican, I saw small contingents of Polish, Irish, Brazilian, and Taiwanese organizations during my 20 minutes watching. It was awesome. One of the best comments of the day came while I was standing outside. A couple of older businessmen were standing behind me talking, when one of them tells the others- “We should grant citizenship to these workers and start up an income tax preparation firm that caters to new citizens and their businesses. Could you imagine how much money we’d make if we execute this right?”

    Being that taxes are an increasingly complex part of the American life, I think he’s on to something.