Multiple Sclerosis Walk

After seeing Jeff’s post, I decided I’d truck down to Los Gatos this weekend to take a little 10k walk. The big benefit should be getting to see Barry, who should be walking in his wheelchair.

I never got the point of raising money by asking people to give you money for walking–I walk for free. I mean. Well, so I’ll donate my own money, but if anyone wants to make a contribution, your generosity would be appreciated. Jeff notes that donations are acceptible after the walk has happened, if you are reading this after the fact.

If any of my 408 peeps want to get together Saturday afternoon / evening, gimme a shout!


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  • Darren

    Actually its Multiple Sclerosis.

    Been a big part of my consciousness as my mom has it.

  • Mike

    Alas, I’ll be in the 415 then.

  • Thanks, Darren. This is not the first time Muscular Dystrophy has screwed up my Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Thanks for doing this Danny. I too have MS and it’s not fun to have. I can only hope that fund raising like this will ultimately lead to a cure for MS. I’m progressively getting worse and it seems that nothing I do is slowing it down. Thanks from a very appreciative MS sufferer.