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Local Time: Tomorrow

Yayoi has heard me quote this bit from The Simpsons a dozen times now, but:

“Welcome to Japan, where the local time is tomorrow.”

Today I noticed that my blog timestamps were now one hour off, because WordPress does not support the abomination that is Daylight Saving Time. So I went in and said “stick with Universal Time,” which I think should be the standard time zone for everything anyway. Standard Time zones are an inaccurate fiction, invented as a convenience to schedule trains. Daylight Saving is a silly kludge built on that fiction. When I’m elected dictator, we’ll all use Universal Time for coordinating schedules, and everyone’s time-keeping device will also accomodate local solar time, so you can coordinate pre-industrial activites like eating lunch around noon, or heading home from work some time before sunset.

I am a crackpot who is fifty years ahead of his time, so don’t mind me.

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