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Civilization IV

As posted on Skirv’s blog:

Overall, I think it is an excellent game.

I tried one game on easy level … quit after an hour or so … too easy.
In my second game I’m in 1902 on the almost-balanced level, but still feeling a little too easy to be interesting. But I want to use my panzers . . . and I just trained a spy, which sounds a lot more useful and intresting than in the older games.

It would be nice if the hover help did not go away immediately, and I could click on keywords to get to the Civilopedia.

I like that the game can be longer or shorter. I like that the game seems to be focused more on fewer and more interesting units and cities. I kind of miss the “city screen” as the zoom-way-in is not quite as engaging. I REALLY like the improved AI. My war buddies are more friendly with me . . . feels far more realistic.

Mainly, I think I have outgrown gaming somewhat, so I’m not quite as addicted . . . job, life, etc. I get strategic thinking and build things at work now, so the empire building gets a little dull . . . but this is more interesting than your average RTS war game. (You go to war with the Civilization you built. And you don’t just invade everyone . . . you stay nice with your allies, so this game isn’t all about conquest, but about the story of your Civ in a world with other Civs.)

Another think is that I should try using the “strategy layer” to leave myself notes . . . play an epic game, right? But an hour a day over a month . . .

Amazon.com sent it to me really fast. I had it on Friday. $45! :) I hear Fry’s has it for $36 . . .

* Install crashed first time, worked second time
* Disc 2 labelled “play” but its Disc 1
* I like the hover-help …
* … but it tends to disappear after a few seconds (grr!)
* … not sure it always covers the tactical info I need (unit bonuses / penalties)
* Tutorial is really fricking annoying, but may be good for new players

It feels like they rushed the release, but given that the game is designed for extension, then as long as the core engine works well, they should be able to very easily patch around most bugs. Pity the release engineering wasn’t quite up-to-snuff, I hope it doesn’t damage sales.

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