Free Style


I dreamed that I had a donkey.
He was a good donkey. My friend.
I dreamed I had a donkey because I read a book, that featured a donkey.
That donkey’s name was Saddam,
And he was not a happy donkey.

Bishop Ranch Lobby Fountain Normally, I have nothing at all to do with donkeys. Ever.
But, you read a book, your mind goes different places.
Mind-altering substances, indeed! No wonder books are frequently banned.

I read once, that people can fly, once they forget that they can’t fly.
I find that really enchanting but sometimes,
I worry that I will forget that I can not fly.
And that makes me nervous sometimes
When I walk to the bathroom at work.
Because we are on the fifth floor.

I have no donkey, I can not fly.
It is okay to dream,
But not okay to try.

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