There’s nothing like a downed remote machine at 7AM on a Saturday morning that will get you up to speed with the workings of your terminal server, and your datacenter operations staff.

Thank you, Cyclades!
Thank you, Nick at Abovenet!

Fortunately, it was a backup component that failed in a very scary the-harddrive-has-crashed way, but a reboot cleared that up. Now, if I can just figure out how this other thing I set up on the machine gets restarted, I can go back to being lazy. :)

The weirdest thing, and I am not bullshitting, the weirdest thing is that right before the pager went off for the first time, I was dreaming that my manager said “bad news” and started to explain that a disk failure on far more important machine had been detected. As I started to mull that over, my Sidekick started to beep. Is there such a thing as SysAdmin ESP, or do I dream of such things all the time, I just don’t remember them? Weird, man, weird!

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