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Now, I don’t believe the words “awesome” and “blog” should ever go together, but sometimes you have to make an exception. Maciej Ceglowski takes the time to write some truly enjoyable prose, putting weird and other pleasantly engaging images in my head. I enjoy reading every word, and you might as well. From his recent survey of New York Pizzas:

Back in the heady post-Soviet days, it used to be possible to get really bad pizza in Warsaw. Vendors in the little plastic booths on every corner would sell you a hot dog bun spread with tomato paste and pressed ham for about ten American cents. Then the Vietnamese showed up, with their cut-rate lunch specials and even smaller booths, and the Warsaw pizza market was no more. Finally the Health Department got funding, shut everyone down, deported the Vietnamese, and now the nation’s capital is a desolation of McDonald’s and hipster cafés.

If “The Unbearable Thinness of Crust” gives you a clue as to what may inspire Maciej’s writing, then that may help you determine if you will enjoy reading “Idle Minds” as I do.

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