Taxes Done!

You know, doing taxes really isn’t that bad. And, if my math was correct, we will receive a substantial refund with which to pay off much of our credit card debt. I skipped the state taxes, because I was in two states, and each wants to see the paperwork for the other, and, well, I would likely receive modest refunds that would otherwise go to fund schools, or something. But mostly I am just lazy.

The Illinois web site says you can file until October.

I also skipped doing some 401k – IRA – Roth rollover jiggery-pokery. I kind of feel bad because a financial consultant guy keeps calling me to try and set this sort of stuff up, and I keep avoiding him, because, well, I don’t have so much money to manage, just yet, and because I distrust people and organizations selling services that I do not understand, especially if they are money people. This must be how some people regard geeks like me when it comes to computers.

But, mainly I wanted to say that maybe some day I’ll actually file my taxes in January, instead of putting off something that really isn’t so awful until early April. (Last year’s return is exceptionally nice, because I moved from single to married, had a job relocation, and well, Yayoi does pay a lot in tuition. It won’t feel this sweet every year, but still . . . it helps to be married to a student and not qualify for AMT.)

Oh, and mad props to the IRS for making it really darn easy. I especially enjoyed the Adobe document that I was able to download and fill in electronically with the free Adobe reader. Print two copies, stick one in an envelope with the W-2s and — done!

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