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Pizza in Redmond

Hehe, this is good, it appears that Microsoft has physical banner ads around Redmond bragging of MSN search. It says “pizza in redmond” … suggesting, of course, that if you go to msn.com, and type “pizza in redmond” you should be able to find pizza.

MSN’s competitors get it right, but MSN search ends up with . . . janitorial supplies!

The repeated search attempt made by seattlepi.com kind of remind me of some of the early early experiences with Tellme. I wrote a Caltrain schedule app way back in the day before the advent of VXML. “Mountain View,” I’d say, with my midwestern accent. “Millbrae?” “Moun-TEN View …” I would shout back. “San Francisco Fourth and King.” “No, you f_cker, I said Mountain View!!”

But, at least Tellme didn’t go advertizing their speech recognition features without first making sure they worked.

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Categories: Good Reads, Jokes, Technology

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