Advice for Women: BYOC

From a recent conversation on IRC:

<M> hell yeah
<M> condom-riffic!
<M> I’m a huge believer in the raincoat
<dman> condoms rule but they go bad in your wallet.
<M> yes
<M> I stash them at home
<dman> but i have found “you never know when you’re going to score” to be all-too-true.
<M> yes
<Adam> Damn straight.
<dman> M: if only WOMEN did the same.
<M> I’ve had to pass up some opportunities for that
<M> d: indeed
<Adam> Frustrates the hell out of some women.
<Adam> “What do you MEAN you don’t have a condom?”
<Adam> “Hey, this is YOUR house. Why don’t YOU have condoms?”
<dman> “What do you mean YOU don’t have a condom?!”
<Adam> “How dare you not presume that I’m going to put out tonight and bring condoms on this date?”
<dman> NEW RULE: If you don’t have a condom at your place, do not bring a potential sex-partner home!
<M> “Umm..I haven’t gotten laid in a long time, ok?”
<M> Adam: good point
<M> dman: also a good point
<Adam> It’s odd how many women consider condoms to be a “guy thing”.
<Adam> “Hey, we’re each going to use one side of this. It’s just as much yours as mine.”

Ladies, even if you are not trying to get laid, keep some condoms at your place. The guy you ultimately choose to bring home may well be the guy who wasn’t trying so hard to come home with you in the first place.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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