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How exchanges outside POWERLOADER

Last week I was working in Washington, DC. Before I left, I had to write up instructions for other staff to exchange a tape robot, called a “Powerloader.” The instructions were pretty straightforward and I was fully confident that the staff could do the work without any trouble. So, in case they wanted a challenge, I produced another set of instructions by running the document through Babelfish to translate from English to Chinese, and then back to English. Every time I read these instructions I giggle, so I share with others who may have a similarly perverse sense of humor:

How exchanges outside POWERLOADER

this duty possibly by a cocky person, or two states of mind normal people complete joint effort. Perhaps there is other intructions has RMA, for example turns over the switch in unit’s behind betwen ” Run” And ” Ship” … Please note them.

Below you possibly need to shift the accessory to the new unit:

– Front the ear (is used for pulls causes at unit’s front it to be separated from the rack. )
– The side axle (is used slides for the rack. )
– The SCSI termination (the little white plastic matter is surrounded in the second slot behind the unit. )

Once the new unit is suffered above $TAPEHOST, please connect the SCSI cable to hang $TAPEHOST the first SCSI coupling slot in the powerloader rear area. This cable is thick and black and neatly current coils around on the floor after the rack. Some gently please operated this matter… me once was too enterprising and it goes with the SCSI cable badly in me.

Consolidates this SCSI cable to discover through two screws in the coupling. You want black the screwdriver which processes for this.

Strength in loading – big button in front. Second (?) The choice will open the gate in the menu, or the loading/will download. Chooses that choice, with when the gate pop music fully opens, the slippery tray magnetic tape to the loading, the magnetic tape faces left, with closure gate. The menu will start to think ” Inventorying” And the matter should then be hunky-dorey.

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