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FreeBSD: Overriding the System Timezone

I just stumbled on this. My e-mail server is in California, but I am in Chicago. However, I launched my current screen before we ran tzsetup on the server, so my IRC window and mutt were displaying times in GMT.

Now the server is displaying times in Pacific time. Yet for my login shells it is displaying in Central time. How?

1-10:29 djh@ratchet ~> grep TZ .tcshrc 
setenv TZ CST6CDT

Per tzset(3) you can set the TZ environment variable to a value in /usr/share/zoneinfo, which is what I did.

This is FreeBSD. YMMV on different Operating Systems. And of course, Apache will continue to display information for your web pages according to the system, unless you change the Apache user around.

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