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If You Think Bush is Inept …

From Yahoo, Baghdad Bombings Kill 35 Children.

Thirty five children and seven adults were killed by a car bomber as American soldiers passed out candy to kids during the unveiling ceremony of a sewage treatment plant.

“We hate Americans! We hate candy! We hate sewage treatment! We hate children!”

You know, I never thought I’d say this, but “Dammit, that bullshit better be all over Al Jazeera.” If they’re going to cover American atrocities from stray smart bombs, they sure as hell better carry insurgent atrocities from stray dumb bombers.

The explosions killed 42 people and wounded 141, including 10 U.S. soldiers. The wounded included 72 children under the age of 14, said Dr. Mohammed Salaheddin.

Taking pot shots at American soldiers and beheading contractors, that can all sort of be rationalized, but driving a car bomb in to a crowd of your own children!

The only way that kind of loss can make any sense is if the disgust that people feels somehow helps slow down the violence so the Iraqis can get on their way through the elections, and come up with some sort of decent government that can get the Americans to go home.

This is just disgusting. This is 9/11 style terrorism that reminds us all why we are all opposed to murdering religious fanatics. Just as 9/11 spelled the end of the Taliban, I hope this spells then end of some of the bullshit being perpetrated in the name of Islam.

We may think Bush is inept, but he picks enemies with even less finesse.

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