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My First WordPress Hack

As posted to WordPress Hacks:

Hey. I wanted to be able to see posts that had been “recently modified” as opposed to the date posted. This way I can add entries out-of-order, but still advertise them on my sidebar.

I hacked the get_archives() function to add a recentlymod option. You can see the following function call in use under “Recent Posts.”

get_archives('recentlymod', 7);

The hack is available at http://dannyman.toldme.com/scratch/wp-template-functions-general.diff.

Personally, I would like WP to have an admin feature to distinguish between post_date and post_modified … a toggle I could set somewhere to ensure that my RSS feed was behaving as “Recent Posts” does.

Now I can post stories from my World Tour (still not finished yet!?) and my readers will have a clue that new material has appeared.

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