Free Style

The Stranger

You don’t know me, I don’t know you
But stop me on the street,
And I may find a buck or two
To help you to your feet.

You say that you’ve just straightened out
And now’s your time to change
But I have not been in your shoes,
So your words sound kind of strange.

You know a nun down at the church
Who can verify your tale:
You need eight bucks to get to Rockford
Where your fortunes should prevail.

And maybe you could pay me back,
At some undetermined date,
Those few more bucks, that I could spare
Would bode well for your fate.

But I’m a stranger — not your friend,
And you are on your way.
And when you land on Rockford’s soil,
Some friends you’ll have that day.

You are on your way to something new,
I’ve already got my life:
This nice man is preoccupied
By Family, Work and Wife.

Though some change I spare for you
Even when my budget’s broke,
This nice man’s heart can only hold
So many kindred folk.

I may even dig down deeper,
Find some cash for your dire need,
Then smile at you and bid farewell:
Your fate is yours to heed.

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