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Tom Brokaw’s “Nation of Islam”

<dman> Oh and the debate was funny last night.
<dman> When TOM BROKAW repatedly referred the “the Muslim world” as “the Nation of Islam”
<recursive> hahaha
<dman> Then he asked Al Sharpton about the conflict between the West and the Nation of Islam.
<OG2> oh funny
<dman> And Sharpton perked up, like “I can’t believe he just said that”
<dman> And he goes “First of all, when you say ‘Nation of Islam’ I assume you mean ‘Islamic Nations’ because we already have a ‘Nation of Islam’ in the United States’ …”
<bun-bun> good, I hope he smacked down Tom
<OG2> what he meant was the conflict between the White Man and the Nation of Islam
<dman> And Tom Brokaw recovers from his Gaffe with “Well, I mean the Islamic movement, in general, which in many ways, transcends nations.”
<dman> It is worth grabbing that on TiVo.
<dman> Well, Sharpton let tom be after that and stuck it to the Right Wing.
<Scola> because Islam is a “movement”
<dman> A beautiful answer about how right wing Christians are no more representatives of Christianity that terrorists are representatie of Islam.
<Scola> heh, I would have liked to have heard that
<dman> Yes, Islam is so in these past few years. Must be riding the wave of Hip Hop.

I mean, this is funny, because Tom Brokaw is like a big-time news anchor. You’d think he’d be aware of “The Nation of Islam” movement in the United States. Maybe he’s seen the movie “Malcom X”? Okay, well, maybe not. But maybe he’d understand that, aside, possibly, from Saudi Arabia, there is no Nation of Islam. As Al points out, there are Islamic nations …

Okay, but then he tries to pass as sophisticated by sliding under the words “movement” and “transcend” … like all over the world, people are coming together under the banner of Islam as a response to contemporary challenges of globalization and the excesses of the right wing policies of the Bush administration.

Well, actually, I don’t know what he was thinking. I’m just highly amused that he’s running a Presidential debate, mistaking contemporary world Islam with a 1960s era black power movement, and choosing to deploy the term in a question to Reverend Sharpton.

No wonder we are so doomed.


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