Virtual Work

Actually, I do have a job, it is just that the guy ran out of money and can’t pay me yet, but as soon as things go into production, he’d be happy to hire me on full-time, no-questions-asked.

I don’t expect anything, but I have nothing to lose, and the work provides a nice distraction from unemployment.

All the same, it was kind of neat to hear the pitch, and visit a data center thyis afternoon. I felt so happy about the weirdly comfortable situation, that I treated myself to a night out at Los Charros, in downtown Mountain View, followed by a cup of coffee and some live jazz at the cafe.

My stomach shrank along with my waste during my travels. I feel like less of the gigantic, all-consumming American I used to be.

Oh, and Amazon.com is now giving T-Mobile Sidekicks away. Can’t argue with the price.

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