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While the night train was bound for Nice, with a comfortable 0900 arrival, the itinerary I had been given by the Slovenian information guy, who seemed to me only slightly bent, had me change trains at Genova, and again at Torino to arrive at Lyon at noon. I could swear there must be a decent train running between Nice and Lyon at a not-too-inconvenient hour, but who am I to argue with an itinerary printed out from no less august an establishment than the Deutsche Bahn web site, the information resource of choice for Slovenian information types, which should surely be more accurate than the outdated CD-ROM the French use.

So, I was up at 4AM, on a truly uncomfortable Italian train with the exact same itinerary as the one I’d been scheduled for, but with the convenience of running an hour earlier. It was quite chilly at Torino, in the early morning, but the subsequent ride through the beautiful French Alps was mind-blowingly worth it.

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