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Colorful Fall Scenery
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Colorful fall scenery seen while walking across the river in Padova.

All the better one and two-star hotels were full. We stumbled on a $150 room in a four-star hotel, but opted instead for the $20 beds in the youth hostel, which was actually pretty cozy. Since we’d burnt most of the morning searching for lodging, we decided to forego a visit to Venicia, and stay in Padova, strolling through the markets, eating fruit. I spent some time reading the international versions of Time and Newsweek thanks to the Cafe in the middle of Padova that is always open, while Janet went window shopping and dropped by the train station to get the refund for our previously soppressed Eurostar.

That evening, in her dorm room, Janet ran into the trio of girls she’d spent time talking to on the train. They were exchange students studying in Bologne, visiting Venice for the weekend. One was Swedish, another Argentinian, and the third a Korean girl who had moved by herself to Toronto to finish high school when she was fifteen.

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