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Capri, and the Blue Grotto

Ancient Steps up the Cliff
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Ancient steps that we walked up, carved in to the cliff on Capri.

We took a ferry over to the island of Capri. Janet wanted to see the famous Blue Grotto, which is a bit of a ways from the port where the ferry comes in. We decided on exercise and hoofed it up and up and up and up these stairs carved in a cliff by some ancient peoples whose only means of getting to the other side of the island was to climb up those steps in the cliff. Well, it was good exercise, and back down and down and down again to the Blue Grotto.

The Blue Grotto is this little sea cave that, well, the sunlight shines in through the sea water and the place looks blue. You pay a few bucks to take your turn on one of the rowboats that is constantly being paddling into the grotto and back by strong Italian men who understand the tourist value in embodying a stereotype. As they row into and out of the grotto, they sing loudly that ladadadeeda that I know only from Tom and Jerry.

dannyman and pasta people
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Me, some cute girls dressed like pasta, and a random Italian dude who
came to spiceup the picture.

The Blue Grotto . . . is blue. Well, Janet liked it, which made me feel that the trip was worthwhile. We took a bus back up the hill, before taking the ancient steps down the cliff, and back to the ferry to Napoli. When we got off the ferry we stumbled across a pasta show, that was being held on Naples’ waterfront to encourage Italians to eat pasta. What we were told is that Italians were getting fat, and the government wanted them to stick to their healthy traditional foods. So, for dinner, we ate pasta at the pasta show.

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