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Pizza Forum

There was a big line in front of the Colosseum to purchase tickets for admission to the Colosseum and Palatine. We walked over to Palatine, where there was no line, and purchased our tickets. Palatine is much nicer anyway, the hill littered with ruins of many an Imperial monument, since the earliest settlement of Rome. We spent some time wandering about the place, in fair weather. We headed over to the pizza place that Giorgio reccommended, The Forum, and had some delicious pizza at a good price from friendly staff. Italian pizza is an entirely different beast from the Chicago pizza that I love, but it is at least as spectacular in its own right.

Cool Trees at the Palatine
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The Palatine has trees funky enough to be in a Doctor Seuss book.

Very Old, but Very Beautiful Palatine Archways
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Some beautiful old arches.

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I’m not sure what this is, but I loved staring at it.

Colosseum Cat
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The cat we met at the Colosseum.

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The Roman Colosseum

Modern Gladiators
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Their ancestors may have conquered the known world, but these men pester tourists for cash after posing for pictures with them.

At the Colosseum, we encountered a cute little kitten, who had a cold, and any number of parasites, and sunburnt ears, but seemed well-fed. It was a lonely critter, so we wiped the snot off its face with a tissue, and I pet it for a good long while, which helped clean its fur, and brought much purring. As we walked towards the elevator to check out the second level, it excused itself from my arms and snuck back in to the ruins.

We then walked over to Trevi Fountain, back up to the theater to see our movie. On the way back to the hotel, Janet spotted a supermarket which had really cheap food. We got juice, and some sandwich material, and from this was provided our evening meal.

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