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All Aboard

This section was written Sunday evening on the Pilot.

I was waiting on Green Street for the bus to take me to the train station. A campus bus called the Illini pulled up and I nodded my head “no” to save him the trouble of stopping. He stopped anyway, pulling the door open.

“What bus are you waiting for?”


“That one aint running anymore.”

“I need to get to the train station. Any suggestions?”

Clearly this was a difficult request. He hopped on the radio and asked about another bus.

“You can catch the yellow. It’s up there. Hop on.”

I rode with him a block towards Wright. He stopped in front of the Union to pick up a group of students.

“See that bus up there?”


“That’s the yellow – he’s waitin’ for you.”

“Thanks!” as I took off running in front of Everett to catch up with the bus resting at the Wright Street shelter. As the doors opened I looked at the driver and tried to explain myself.

“The other guy sent me.”

“That would be Chip.”

“He’s a great guy!”



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Categories: Sundry, Testimonials, Unsorted

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