Divine the “Changelog” From Git

I am having a tricky time with Ganeti, and the mailing list is not proving helpful. One factor is that I have two different versions in play. How does one divine the differences between these versions?

Git to the rescue! Along these lines:

git clone git://git.ganeti.org/ganeti.git # Clone the repo ...
cd ganeti
git branch -a                             # See what branches we have
git ls-remote --tags                      # See what tags we have
git checkout tags/v2.12.4                 # Check out the "old" branch/tag
git diff tags/v2.12.6                     # Diff "old" vs "new" branch/tag
# OH WAIT, IT IS EVEN EASIER THAN THIS! (Thanks, candlerb!)
# You don't hack to check out a branch, just do this:
git diff v2.12.4 v2.12.6                  # Diff "old" vs "new"

And now I see the “diff” between 2.12.4 and 2.12.6, and the changes seem relevant to my issue.

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