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Birth of the Internet!

Leonard Kleinrock tells the story of the Internet’s birth. First word was LO:

And then, he shows us the world’s first router, which they were going to throw out:

My first experience of the Internet was a 1200 baud dialup connection to a USENET host that connected upstream twice a day at 2400 baud. That would have been around 1992 or 1993. (I was a broke highschool kid who couldn’t afford the $30/mo+ for a proper Internet connection.) My first email address was dannyman@netwrk21.chi.il.us, and I lost that address when my network uplink failed to pay his phone bill. Oh well!

When I started college in January, 1995, and had access to labs and labs and labs of computers directly connected via Ethernet, with Mosaic and Netscape installed, it was like I had found my Nerd Nirvana! It only got better when I took a C programming course on the Sun workstations in the basement of the DCL . . .

Hat Tip: Rackspace

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Categories: Biography, News and Reaction, Technical, Technology

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