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Rookie Mistakes

Walking to work Monday morning I passed a restaurant on Castro St that was closed. In their front window was this table of half-eaten food. That is a failure on multiple levels: you’re supposed to clean up at night: wipe down the tables, sweep, mop: multiple passes through the dining room. And if you’re going to somehow manage to not bus and clean a table, you shouldn’t miss the table in the front window.

I won’t name names, but I’ll note that they have 2.5 stars on Yelp. I tried to leave them a message through the contact form on their web site, but the contact form is broken too, so I left the message via an identical form at their web design firm, with the advice that they fix their client’s contact form and pass my message along.

Meanwhile, I was frustrated with my own photo. I can live with the glare from the dirty plate-glass window, but there’s way too much light bleeding off the styrofoam cup. As a naive post-processing rookie, I stumbled around through Gimp’s filters and couldn’t come up with anything good. But the Retinex filter thing got me funkeh goodness: the washed out food on the table has been crisped up, and all the reflections in the plate-glass have been brought out too, rendering a sad story as some sort of broken memory one would prefer to forget.

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