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Atherton Police Blotter

The Police Blotter for Atherton, CA

Beware the Shadow

Admittedly, not much of a photo. But here’s a shot from this morning’s local free paper. I always like to see what sort of petty crimes have made the Atherton Police Blotter. (Atherton is where we keep our rich people, sealed off in walled compounds.)

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  • Heh, I used to read this police blotter religiously, for the same reason. My favorite past Atherton crime report was someone who called in to report a “suspicious white Lexus” parked outside her Atherton home. The police investigated and the car belonged to, I think, her gardener or housecleaner.

    On the really exciting days, sometimes bicycles are improperly locked to jungle gyms in parks, and construction noise begins too early.

  • Shanmolly

    Oh please, if you would be so kind…share more of those sweet little police blotter posts.  We used to play a game where you had to guess which town such-n-such happened and it would always be so much fun to hear about the silly things people report in areas like Atherton.  As hilarious as those are, the ones in *other* parts of the BA that are tragic are equally disturbing.  Some of my all-time favorites from the past (in Atherton) include, a strange car parked out in front of someones house was reported only to be discovered that the daughter of the residence was visiting from college.  Another winner is, a man who was standing on a street corner waving at cars, of course he was dubbed the “weird waver”, and the greatest of all was about someone who thought that there were *intruders* (I am being polite for the sake of being politically correct), that were supposedly living in their backyard under a tarp.  When the tarp was lifted, they found only garden tools.  I just love it!  Heaven forbid something terrible does happen tho.  I live in AZ now and I miss the SF BA police blotters!